Thursday, March 04, 2010

Everything Stops For Tea (or chocolate)

For sometime I wanted to use this old spoon in a project but it was only once I received The Stampsmith's Paris plate that I found a use for it, at last.

The focal stamp was also stamped, repeatedly onto tissue paper which was adhered to the painted mini canvas. This image would also be lovely coloured/painted but I wanted to keep muted tones for this canvas.


Kim said...

Oh Lynne, this is just so beautiful!!!! I love what you have done!!

Dalayney's Doodles said...

Oh my gosh this is drop dead gorgeous! Love it! :) dalayney

Crafty Dawn said...

Haven't I seen this some where? I commented on it then too! and way I love the spoon and the theme is yum!

thanx for the comment on my ATCs aprieciate it loads x

Love Dawn xx

Anonymous said...


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