Friday, May 21, 2010

Romance & Togetherness

This card was created using the Stampsmith's "Wanda" single unmounted stamp. It's actually a strip of portraits in photo, solarized and artistic versions. In other words, three faces in one!

I only used the photo image, stamping her in black ink and collaging the image with a vintage image from my collection. I thought these two ladies looked a lot alike, so I surrounded them with the romance of Paris!

This second card is of Lucy and the Gang from the Stampsmith's "Lucy" plate. In this scene, they are the best of friends, traveling through life "Together"!


Netty said...

All terrific, love them. Annette

Kathryn said...

I remember that Lucy episode! It was when they bought the car to drive to Hollywood, California. Great card!!!! I also get the trailer reference. HA! The movie that Lucy and Desi made "The Long Long Trailer". Love your composition and color scheme. Very well done!

Karen Fisher said...

Thanks ladies for the nice comments!
Honestly Kat, I didn't even know about the "trailer" movie, how funny! It just seemed to go with the theme so I used it!

Carol Q said...

gorgeous cards Karen. love your background on the first one and the second is so cheerful.

Anonymous said...

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