Friday, February 11, 2011


Yesterday was the kick-off of Fashion Week, here in New York! That is when the country's fashion designers descend on Lincoln Center for their fall runway shows. It's always fun to see what will be "on the menu" for women's fashion next season!

I took this opportunity to use the Stampsmith's New York stamp collection of landmark locations around the city, and incorporate them onto cards along with vintage fashion images. Some of the images are from my collection of sewing pattern illustrations and advertisements, and others are stamped images. Together, they create a mid-century style, in the true "Mad Men" fashion!

The fabulous Chrysler Building, with it's Art Deco crown!

Central Park is a beautiful oasis in the center of the city!

The Guggenheim Museum spirals with art treasures!

And, of course, the lady-in-the-harbor herself, the Statue of Liberty!
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