Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Amidst The Flower of Summer

Serena is such a favourite image and an image that most people associate with The Stampsmith, alongside Ophelia. I've used this stamp many times and I never get bored using it. This week, when planning my DT work I was looking for a surface other than glossy cardstock to stamp onto. Amongst my supplies I unearthed some Stampbord.
The image is clearly defined, even her wisps of hair and the smallest of flowers. A Stampbord scratch tool was also used and details are on the post at my Blog Adorn. Wanting to soften the appearance of the sharp edges of the Stampbord I added lace and a hanging was created with copper wire.
The next time you use your stamps from The Stampsmith, why not reach for an alternative surface to glossy cardstock, some interesting results may be achieved.
Lynne x


Netty said...

Beautiful hanging and the stamp looks wonderful. x

Anonymous said...

Oh I do love the way this turned out! A different feeling to the piece making me want to reach out and touch her. I just purchased this stamp and have yet to ink her up and hehe I got Ophelia too! It was a great start to my Stampsmith collection and I look forward to more. It has been your work that made me want these stamps and I only hope I can do them justice. Beautiful work Lynne, as always. Connie

Karen McAlpine said...

Lovely,Lynne. Her eyes look so mysterious.