Sunday, October 09, 2011

Celebration at The Stampsmith!

Hello to everyone,

Thank you so much for stopping by. We are having a bit of a contest here at The Stampsmith Designers Blog in celebration of the new Stampsmith website!

How to play:
To join in on the fun, check out each designer's piece of art, and then go to The Stampsmith website, and find the stamp(s) used.  Come back and leave a comment on each individual piece that includes the name of the stamp(s) used. If you can't find the name of an individual stamp, just give us the name of the sheet it is on.

How to win:
You must leave a correct guesses on each individual post to be entered into the draw for 1 full sheet of rubber and 1 single UM. Wow, that is an awesome prize Estelle, the owner of The Stampsmith, is generously offering!

And a bonus:
Also in celebration of the new website, Estelle is offering 10% off all purchases at her new store, from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. To get 10% off, simply put TENOFF at the checkout in the discount box. Also new to The Stampsmith, Estelle now takes PayPal!! Woohoo....have fun shopping everyone!

I also wanted to thank all the awesome designers for making such beautiful projects with Estelle's gorgeous stamps!! You girls are the best!

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention, the winner will be announced on Sunday morning!

Good luck everyone,


Julie Mutch said...

Can't wait to see what everyone's guesses are! Good luck everyone! :)


Kim Blanchette said...

I just had a blast trying to find all the stamps used by the designers not to mention that the creativity on this site is out of this world, I will be back on a regular basis and can't wait to actually put some ink on my new stamps!!!

Cheri said...

I'm not sure I've done this correctly. I saw on one post that we were to come here and leave our guesses because they would be hidden, but on this site, it states we should leave our guesses on the blogs. I've commented on each blog, but didn't leave any guesses because they were visible. There were two blogs of the DT I wasn't able to comment on (Kim and Karen) as there were no posts for this hop posted.
Here are my guesses for the blogs and posts I was able to see and leave comments on:
Lynn: Darling Boys, Say It With Flair and Paris Art
Karen McAlpine: Bed of Roses and Ballerina #1
Debbie: Flappers #3
Melanie: Beach Landscape
Julie Mutch: Mon Amour
Valerie Wilson: Darling Boys
Thanks for the fun and the new Stampsmith site is FABULOUS! Good luck, Estelle.

Lynn Stevens said...

I hope this is where we are supposed to leave our guesses.

Lynne M. - Say it with flair
Paris art stamps
Darling boys art stamps

Karen- Ballerina wood mounted stamp, Bed Of Roses

Debbie- Flapper 3

Julie- Mon Amore set

Sunflower Melanie- Beach Landscape

Valerie W.- Darling boys art rubber stamps

Kim Price - had no new post

Thanks that was fun!

Kim said...

Thanks for the contest. I don't think I got them all but I really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful art and you have a new customer/fan!